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Five Elden Ring Builds That’ll Make Your Life Easier

There are certain builds that are ideal for softening Elden Ring’s most damaging strikes, whether they dissolve foes, keep a player safe, or are just highly forgiving. Elden Ring has been recognized as FromSoftware’s easiest-to-play title. Compared to titles like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, it boasts a more accommodating difficulty curve and more freedom. Elden […]

Elden Ring: Five Hidden Stories You May Not Know

Several epic tales can be completely concealed from players unless they know how to find them thanks to FromSoftware’s love of ambiguity. Compared to most developers, FromSoftware takes a very unique approach to storytelling. Their games don’t reveal the stories at the beginning. Despite having little to no understanding of the game’s plot, players can […]

Five Mysteries in Elden Ring’s Map That You Still Haven’t Discovered

Elden Ring‘s expansive globe has secrets, but it’s possible to finish the game without uncovering them all. For this reason, many people go back and further explore the map. Games by FromSoftware are renowned for their carefully concealed mysteries that offer rewards for in-depth exploration and community participation. The majority of games feature full secret […]

Elden Ring Merch: 5 Best-Selling Hoodies For Any Fan

Elden Ring Merch is a great way for fans of the game Elden Ring to show their support. Not only are the products high-quality, but they’re also incredibly popular – so popular, in fact, that we’ve put together a list of five of our favorite Elden Ring hoodies! 1. Elden Ring Vagabond Class Pullover Hoodie […]


Elden Ring T-shirts: Top 5 Best Selling Men’s T-Shirts From Urban Outfitters

There is a blog article about the new action role-playing video game, Elden Ring, that just came out. This game is directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, who also did Dark Souls and Bloodborne. The clothes that come with the game are designed by the same person who created Dark Souls and they are absolutely incredible. 1. […]

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