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Five Elden Ring Builds That’ll Make Your Life Easier

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There are certain builds that are ideal for softening Elden Ring’s most damaging strikes, whether they dissolve foes, keep a player safe, or are just highly forgiving. Elden Ring has been recognized as FromSoftware’s easiest-to-play title. Compared to titles like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, it boasts a more accommodating difficulty curve and more freedom. Elden Ring has so amassed a sizable following that is eager to battle the Lands Between. Elden Ring is still a difficult game, though. The early game in particular can be very challenging. There are a couple builds that can help gamers who are having trouble. Certain constructions can cushion Elden Ring’s hardest hits, whether they melt foes, keep a player safe, or are just highly forgiving.

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1. A Quality Build Is Simple And Straightforward

Key Abilities: Strength, Dexterity

Vagabond Elden Ring 1 - Elden Ring Merch

The Souls series has historically relied heavily on the “Quality” construct. It is well-liked for being both easy and efficient. It doesn’t make use of the more sophisticated powers or weaponry of Elden Ring. An alternative is to employ weapons that scale well for Strength and Dexterity in a Quality build.

More so than a construct that is only focused on Strength or Dexterity, a Quality build splits numbers. It does, however, give gamers more options. The majority of weapons have some quality stat scaling. Players can alter the scale of the majority of weaponry, in particular, in the Ashes of War system. Because of the flexibility it provides, Elden Ring finds that a Quality build is one of the simplest to start with.

2. A Glintstone Mage Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

Key Abilities: Intelligence, Mind

An Astrologer Sorcery build using several Sorceries in Elden Ring

One of Elden Ring’s simpler constructs is magic. The most effective form of magic has consistently been sorcery, particularly simple Glintstone sorcery. Limitations on spells include memory spaces and Focus Points. Nonetheless, compared to melee combat, magic provides a number of advantages. They include the majority of spells’ homing propensity, their high damage output, and their ranged use capability. Starting with the dependable Glintstone Pebble, the astrologer just gets better. Most enemies may be destroyed by late-game sorceries like Comet Azure. Moreover, it is possible to scale practically any weapon with intelligence. A pure astrologer typically has a backup strategy in place in case they run out of Focus Points.

3. Scarlet Rot Makes For A Potent Weapon

Key Abilities: Faith, Arcane, Mind

A Tarnished using the Scarlet Aeonia incantation Elden Ring

Scarlet Rot is Elden Ring‘s most infamous status effect. It drains a victim’s life much more rapidly than poison does and is harder to cure. The player will be on the receiving end of Scarlet Rot for the most part. However, specific builds can use it against enemies. This is effective against many bosses, particularly challenging ones like Starscourge Radahn.

The Ekzykes’ Decay Incantation is the most infamous source of Scarlet Rot. However, other Incantations and weapons can also inflict it. In addition, some of Elden Ring‘s Ash Summons like Cleanrot Knight Finlay synergize with this build. Some late-game bosses are immune to Scarlet Rot. However, it’s still one of Elden Ring‘s easiest builds against tough enemies and bosses.

4. Colossal Weapons Can Be Devastating If Used Properly

Key Abilities: Strength, Endurance

A Tarnished with a Strength build wielding a Colossal Sword in Elden Ring

You don’t need a complicated build to get tremendous profits. Using some of the largest weapons in Elden Ring may help a player who is having trouble. Larger weapons (such the swords of the “Colossal Sword” class) don’t always deal more damage per second than quicker, weaker swords. They do, however, possess some intrinsic benefits.

Colossal Weapons deal a lot of “posture” damage and some of the best damage per hit. A few blows can knock down an adversary, leaving them vulnerable to a crushing blow. These builds have greater flexibility in Elden Ring’s Ashes of War than they did in earlier games. Players only require a small number of stats even after adding some form of magical or special ability.

5. Gravity Magic Lacks Many Of Magic’s Weaknesses

Key Abilities: Intelligence, Mind

A Tarnished casting the powerful Rock Sling Sorcery Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, there is a unique kind of magic known as gravity sorceries. Although there aren’t many of them, they can aid a player throughout much of the game. Gravity magic is one of the simpler constructs in Elden Ring because of two factors in particular. A boss-killing spell in and of itself is the Rock Sling. Its delayed casting time confuses a lot of foes’ Intelligence. Moreover, while being a ranged magic spell, it does physical damage. Moreover, it readily stuns adversaries, in especially bosses. The Meteorite Staff in Caelid strengthens gravity spells. It cannot be upgraded, but it increases the damage of Gravity Sorceries and scales nicely with Intelligence.

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