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Elden Ring: Five Hidden Stories You May Not Know

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Several epic tales can be completely concealed from players unless they know how to find them thanks to FromSoftware’s love of ambiguity. Compared to most developers, FromSoftware takes a very unique approach to storytelling. Their games don’t reveal the stories at the beginning. Despite having little to no understanding of the game’s plot, players can nonetheless finish it. They just have a few ambiguous cutscenes, odd NPC speech, and ambient storytelling to work with. That is not to suggest that FromSoftware’s games lack a narrative, though. A lot of the backstory and background information in games like Dark Souls and Elden Ring reveals a lot about the location. They also have narratives and ancillary stories, albeit ones that are ambiguous and frequently concealed from view.

1. The Tarnished Deceives The Three Fingers

Elden Ring

Elden Ring Three Fingers - Elden Ring Merch

Compared to games like Dark Souls or Bloodborne, Elden Ring features a more coherent narrative. But, in order to experience one of its most expansive and amazing possible stories, the player must make a special effort and complete the game’s most difficult tasks. The Three Fingers can be accepted by the Tarnished under Leyndell. They can now burn the Erdtree without harming Melina thanks to this.

Typically, this forces the player to accept the Lord of Frenzied Flame conclusion. They can, however, avert this outcome. The Tarnished obtains Miquella’s Needle if players finish Millicent’s questline and vanquish Malenia, Blade of Miquella. The Frenzied Flame can be extinguished in Farum Azula by using this at a precise location. The Tarnished can compete against an Outer God and prevail, but it’s nearly hard to understand.

2. Siegward Ends An Old Friend’s Life

Dark Souls III

Siegward of Catarina Dark Souls - Elden Ring Merch

In the Dark Souls series, the majority of NPC plots are straightforward. These include approaching the NPC at the appropriate time and place. The quest of Siegward of Catarina is more active, though. He must be fought with frequently, and the player must assist him in getting out of his sticky situation in the Cathedral of the Deep.
If they do, Siegward will join them in a crucial battle. He will team up with them to carry out an earlier promise and defeat Yhorm the Giant. Already, the conflict with Yhorm is incredibly cinematic. Siegward fighting alongside the player only heightens the spectacle and impact. The player gets to assist a brave knight as he kills an old buddy to put him out of his suffering.

3. Lucatiel Of Mirrah Forgets Herself

Dark Souls II

Lucatiel of Mirrah Dark Souls II - Elden Ring Merch

One of the main sources of fear in Dark Souls is hollowing. An undead’s willpower weakens as a result of recurrent deaths. When it totally vanishes, they turn into a mindless Hollow. This is a constant throughout the entire trilogy of Dark Souls games. Yet, the NPC Lucatiel of Mirrah from Dark Souls II is the only one to thoroughly explore it.

The NPC and ally Lucatiel appears frequently in Dark Souls II’s realm. She has a difficult past but great strength. Yet Lucatiel starts to Hollow as the game goes on. Her narrative is not opulent or extravagant. When she starts to lose her identity, it is a sobering and very moving piece of storytelling.

4. Ranni The Witch Defies A God

Elden Ring

Ranni questline Elden Ring - Elden Ring Merch

The plot of Ranni the Witch by Elden Ring is extraordinarily complex and extensive. It covers the majority of the game and offers a new path that can lead to a different conclusion for the player. Also, it’s one of the franchise’s sidequests with the most obvious objectives. It is difficult, though, to see things through to the end.

The player must repeatedly refuse Ranni’s commands to leave her while also carrying out other nebulous instructions. If they succeed, they see a motivational tale. The culmination of Ranni’s centuries-long plan. She is able to overcome her Two Fingers and escape the fate that has been placed upon her. If the player does the proper actions, they will witness another one of Elden Ring’s gods defeated.

5. Millicent Dies As Herself

Elden Ring

Millicent Haligtree questline El - Elden Ring Merch

One of Elden Ring’s larger-scale sidequests is for Millicent. She is first encountered in Caelid, where she is suffering from the Scarlet Rot. If they assist her, she starts her global journey. As they follow similar courses, the gamer can help Millicent a number of additional times. Gowry, Millicent’s foster father, initially asks the Tarnished to watch out for her, but his pleas become more ominous.
The Tarnished defends Millicent from her sisters in the happy ending. When she gets to the Haligtree, her intended location, she decides to let the Scarlet Rot kill her. Millicent gets to travel the world on her own terms and remain true to herself, which is bittersweet. The narrative can also end on a gloomier note. She can be betrayed and condemned by the Tarnished.

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