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Five Mysteries in Elden Ring’s Map That You Still Haven’t Discovered

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Secrets youve not found in Elden - Elden Ring Merch

Elden Ring‘s expansive globe has secrets, but it’s possible to finish the game without uncovering them all. For this reason, many people go back and further explore the map. Games by FromSoftware are renowned for their carefully concealed mysteries that offer rewards for in-depth exploration and community participation. The majority of games feature full secret areas that are frequently concealed behind unremarkable scenery or challenging puzzles, and they receive just as much attention as the player-interfaced areas. Elden Ring follows a similar path and employs this theory in an enormous open universe. Gamers simply need to experience a small portion of the game’s features to easily complete it without learning most of its secrets. Elden Ring’s world has been painstakingly dissected by the community, revealing even the most minute elements.

1. The Inverted Carian Study Hall

Liurnia Of The Lakes – Obtain The Carian Inverted Statue

Inverted Carian Study Hall Elden - Elden Ring Merch

A small dungeon in Liurnia of the Lakes known as the Carian Study Hall is guarded by the terrifyingly potent Preceptor Miriam NPC. After defeating her, the player will probably find that they don’t have access to the entire building and that its uppermost levels are off-limits.

You can only go there by offering Ranni the Fingerslayer Blade in order to get the Carian Inverted Statue. The player can plummet to the highest levels by using this in the Study Hall to turn it upside-down. By doing this, the Divine Tower of Liurnia is unlocked. The Divine Tower demands a rematch against the Preceptor, which is required for several questlines.

2. Godefroy The Grafted & The Golden Lineage Evergaol

The Grand Lift Of Dectus – An Obscure Narrow Path

Godefroy the Grafted Elden Ring - Elden Ring Merch

Evergaols provide the user with additional content, and only the rarest ones are difficult to locate. Even though Golden Lineage Evergaol is situated in the easily accessible Altus Plateau, it is challenging to find. The player must go to the eastern edge of the cliff close to the Great Lift of Dectus, leap down to a certain, narrow path, then follow it and pay a Stonesword Key to find it.

When the Key is paid, the Golden Lineage Evergaol is unlocked. The player battles the hidden boss Godefroy the Grafted inside, who adopts the boss Godrick the Grafted’s look and moveset. Even though Godefroy is a reskinned boss that some players may find disappointing, winning the battle rewards you with the Godfrey Icon, which improves charged spells and talents.

3. The War-Dead Catacombs In Radahn’s Boss Arena

Starscourge Radahn – In The Far North Area

War Dead Catacombs Elden Ring - Elden Ring Merch

Catacombs are one of the most common types of dungeons in Elden Ring, especially in the Lands Between. One place they aren’t commonly found, however, is boss arenas. Despite this, the gargantuan arena of Starscourge Radahn houses one in its far north. The War-Dead Catacombs remain one of the most difficult dungeons in the game, likely far beyond a player’s level after they beat Radahn. They’re full of Cleanrot and Redmane Knights who battle each other but can also pose a serious threat to the player. Despite the challenges, the dungeon also boasts a fair amount of loot, making it worth the risk.

4. Pidia’s Death At The Hands Of His Puppets

Caria Manor

Pidia Elden Ring - Elden Ring Merch

The majority of Elden Ring’s secrets are available at all times, however a select handful have a time constraint. Pidia’s Death, a very unimportant NPC and merchant that the player meets at Caria Manor, is one of them. By handing Ranni or Seluvis the Amber Draught or the Fingerslayer Blade when they have completed enough of their respective questlines, the player can return to Caria Manor and encounter a strange scene.

Similar to the puppets Seluvis uses, Pidia’s attack and kill him, leaving behind his loot for the player to take. Seluvis’ death is not only odd for a minor NPC, but it also increases the possibility that Pidia would use Seluvis as one of his puppets for the duration of the game.

5. An Illusory Wall In Volcano Manor Leads To A Hidden Dungeon

Vocano Manor – Behind An Illusory Wall

Prison Town Elden Ring - Elden Ring Merch

One of the Shardbearers—strong demigods carrying a portion of the Elden Ring—is Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. Players might want to take on him in one of the game’s best boss fights because of that and his evident villainy. The easiest method to accomplish this is to finish the Volcano Manor questline.

Nonetheless, there are more natural ways for players to reach Rykard if they don’t enjoy the morally ambiguous aspect of these tasks. To accomplish this, one must pass through the entire Prison Town dungeon, which is concealed behind a fictitious wall. It can be discovered close to a skewed artwork in the room next to Zoraya’s.

Elden Ring’s Map is a dense and mysterious piece of art, full of secrets that yet remain hidden. In this article, we’ve outlined five mysteries that still remain unsolved in Elden Ring: the meaning behind the map’s strange symbols, what lies beneath the rusting bridge, where are the missing children and why do they matter to Ratatoskr. Our hope is that by understanding these mysteries, you’ll be closer to unlocking all of Elden Ring’s secrets.

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